Welcome to #TeamTruth

So, the day is here! The announcements of Pitch Wars mentees and mentor matchups! I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am welcoming KA Blaser to #TeamTruth (find out later why this is my chosen team name for the year!) Here’s the pitch: Native American ONE OF US IS LYING x SADIE When anotherContinue reading “Welcome to #TeamTruth”

A few tips for Pitch Wars…

Hey guys! The big day is tomorrow! The Pitch Wars mentor wish lists go live (and it’s as exciting for us as it is for you!) So, I thought now was a good time to give some insight into how to prep your submission. This won’t guarantee you get picked, but I think it willContinue reading “A few tips for Pitch Wars…”

Should you give up writing—the other side of the coin?

This question has preyed on the mind of almost every writer I know, and it’s something I discussed in my last blog post. The doubt of not being agented yet, a book not being good enough, no forthcoming deal when on some submission to publishers… the turmoil and angst can seem endless. Of late, I’veContinue reading “Should you give up writing—the other side of the coin?”