Editorial Services

Fiona Marie began editing in 2011 and her authors have gone on to publish successfully with the Big 5 as well as with a mixture of smaller presses. Other authors have gone on to successfully self-publish. She has worked with the renowned Reedsy platform for the last four years.

Shaping novels into the best version of an author’s vision

I offer select editorial services for authors writing MG, YA, and Adult fiction, with a specific interest in:

  • Speculative Fiction (Fantasy/Sci-fi/Paranormal/Magical Realism/etc.)
  • Thrillers

I do not edit non-fiction, romance, erotica, or grim-dark work. If you are unsure whether your work will be suitable for me, pop me a message!

A selection of published clients:

Service A

Editorial Assessment—An editorial assessment is an overview of your manuscript by a professional editor. Here, in-depth feedback concerning structure, plot, characterization, style, and consistency is focused on. Feedback from an editorial assessment can lead to significant changes to your manuscript. In addition, the assessment will identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses so that there is a clear revision plan moving forward.

Service B

Developmental editing — also called structural or substantive editing —involves inline comments that address character and plot arcs, pacing, description, world-building, symbolism, theme, structure, and all other major craft elements. This can lead to substantial change suggestions in some manuscripts but lesser in others.

Service C

Copy-editing—the fine-tuning of a book’s prose, otherwise known as the ‘copy.’ A copy edit will address grammatical or punctuation errors, inconsistencies, style issues, passive versus active voice, showing versus telling, and glaring typos. Good copy editing ensures that the language supports the writer’s intent — while creating the best readable version of their novel.

To discuss your novel don’t hesitate to reach out!

“Before my agent sees my latest book, I send it to Fiona McLaren. Her insight is spot on, and her notes always take my work to the next level. She was influential in the book that landed my lit agent as well as the one that published. I am now represented by a major Hollywood agency and have a television production deal. Through it all, Fiona has been my most trusted CP.”

Kes Trester—A Dangerous Year (Curiosity Quills)

“I’ve worked with Fiona McLaren for years on my novels. She has a keen eye for details and execution, extensive knowledge of the craft of writing, and is always on point with what needs to be done to make the project shine. Fiona is also a complete gem and is the perfect combination of constructive and supportive. I cannot recommend her enough.”

-Jesskia Fleck – Beware the Night (Swoon Reads/Macmillan), Defy the Sun (Swoon Reads/Macmillan), and The Castaways (Entangled Teen)

“Fiona McLaren is a writer’s guardian angel. She clears away the excess gunk to find the beating, pulsing heart of your writing and brings it to life.

Lisa Amowitz – Breaking Glass (Spencer Hill), Until Beth (Spencer Hill), Fractured (Spencer Hill), Vision (Spencer Hill)

“Fiona has been my critique partner and editor for four years. She was also my PitchWars co-mentor for two years, so I can attest without reservation that she is an astute, intuitive, and professional editor of the highest standard. She is equally adept at providing structural feedback on characters, plot, pacing, and tension as she is on assessing the details like passive writing, show not tell, overused words. She is also a tireless champion and coach, exactly the type of motivating editor every writer needs in their corner!”

-Dionne McCulloch, Reedsy Editor, Bath Novel Award judge, UK literary consultancy editor

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